Never Ready
A congress on the visuality of the Internet


The multitude of spaces in the online world have widely been unified in the last few years. Innovation and finding your own unique solutions have been pushed aside, easing us into lazy comfort. Together with designers, writers and artists from all over the world we want to go off-grid for a breather and get out of our cozy pillows.

We envision a digital detox from the online anecdotes, how the internet should look and delve deep into new narrations that break with our templated reality.

from the 9-11th of June 2022 Klasse Digitale Grafik developed and hosted a congress at HFBK Hamburg.
I developed a grafik Design that is based on script only, based the visuality of code and broken Text justification, always switching between readable and non readable states. Breaking the boundaries and understandings of the correct typography and reading modes and of design perse.

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