I will take Care of my Work
Video, 1:24min

We all practice self-care. Bubble baths, face masks, meditation and weighted blankets have become part of our daily routines. But who even cares for their work anymore, and the tools they’re working with? Tense, stressed and tired, our tools constantly have to perform. No wonder they aren’t able to accomplish everything we expect from them all the time – Crashed systems, broken harddrives and blunt pencils are the consequences of our arrogance and selfishness.
Resting also requires practice and time. If everyone cares for their tools, every tool is cared for. (With mindfulness and care, we all can improve our work’s well-being.) Repeat after me: I will take care of my work. Tenderly, I will ask: “How are you? What do you need today?”

Entstanden in Austausch mit Studierenden der HGB Leipzig unter Leitung von Anja Kaiser, Christoph Knoth und Konrad Renner Pop-Up Exhibition im Lichthof der HGB Leipzig

Group Work with Hannah Witte, Sophie Florian, Deyaa Nahar, Jeong. Visual Output des Workshops „Non Dazzle Agreements“ Oktober 2021